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My girlfriend and I think your game is the cutest

Game good and fun.

I really enjoyed it! :)

Super clean and well made game. Very cute too! Love the croc and the audience.





I love the music and overall concept. Nice job! ((:

Hi, would really like to talk to you about publishing CuckooCurling on our web-based gaming platform Send me an e-mail at if you're interested :)

Can you release it on Google Play Android?? I loved it, BTW. My sister is still raging XD

ah, I wish! But the game is barely paying for itself on iOS so far, so Android will have to wait a little longer unfortunately. I'm focusing my effort on the next game instead. Thanks a lot for your kind word = )  (Tell your sister she can press the space key to have the cuckoo punch out the stone you just launched as it goes past with the right timing)

(... But hey don't use it yourself, it's the secret technique for leveling the playing field! ah snap I ruined it)


This game is a delight! It's simple, original, polished and fun!


Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Tack! Seriously, I'm real happy when people like it (  T  v T )☆

Hey! I featured some footage from your game in the intro of my latest list. I've never been into curling, but your game actually made me enjoy it. I think it's  a combination of the art style and all the little attentions to detail like the cuckoo clock and the people in the stands. Really fun, definitely something relaxing I'd want to play online. Good job and good luck with any future games!

Thank you! I'm working on the next one, but I love sleeping so much? sleeping is great

hey there! this was one of the games i picked to play on one of my live streams, it comes on around 35:26. i really liked it! it even made me want to play more after i was done streaming :p

Ah, thanks a lot! So glad you liked it  = )

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While I was interested in this novel game, the cheerful and sanguine aesthetics made this game extremely enthralling and pushed me over the edge to download this.

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Much obliged, honourable frog friend  🍃

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Hello! I loved your game, it looks amazing with its sweet pastel colours and was really fun to play as well as just having a really neat concept in general! I made a let's play of it here~



Haha so glad you liked it! Thanks for the let's play and your noble appreciation of bad puns ^___^ Please keep on doing your cool vids! (I'll check you games too :> )


Thanks so much! I can always appreciate some good bad puns ;) I will try my best in making more videos <3

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Hey everyone, I released Cuckoo Curling on iOS! ( I updated the desktop version accordingly so the experience on both platform match nicely. The layout is slightly different now but i think clearer and more enjoyable, so please have a look at the new version if you feel like it! -G-

I loved every second of it. If only i had some friends...

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Haha nice, had a fun time watching it! Great edit =)

Great game! I can't wait to try this out with some friends, though it's fun already with just myself and the computer.

Thanks! I also like to play with humans better because we make silly sounds while playing, like Oooh and Gnnnn or Nononononouu!

Haha! That's the correct way to play video games.


My wife and I had a blast playing this. I still haven't won yet.. but having a great time!

I'm so happy to hear it! Train a bit more before betting the dishes =)

Haha I might as well just offer to do them. She's so good at it


Very nice aestetics!

Thank youuuu ^^

looks like very fun for a curling game, keep it up the good work guys

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Thank you! I take freestyle curling very seriously

(ー ^ ー)


Was wondering will this possibly in the future have an Online Multiplayer?

I would love if the ability to play with my friends online or a Random player.

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Well I have good news for you: I'm working on it at this very moment ^_^

But shhhhh, it's a se.cret (^ー^)

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It's done! haha. Sorry I've kept you waiting!

Just download the new build and you'll be able to play with friends and/or strangers =)

it's a beautifull game!
And nice works on tumblr too

Thanks a lot! I'd really like to draw more comics these days! I'm happy you like those though, recently I was a bit sad to see that games and comics audiences weren't as close as I thought...

But if you enjoy comics take a look at the one I drew with Mel: It's about a girl adventurer and her cat from the future! Piko and Homard ^^

Geat i will take a look.
i'm starting my first comic in taptastic, if you like to watch it, is a improvisation about a Dragon slayer .



Finally got to play the game and it is fantastic! So much polish and so many charming details about it. Huge props <3.


Thank youuu (^ ___ ^) . It goes straight to my heart.

I'm really happy when people like the game!

Very cool! Had fun with my mum on this one, she won both games :)

Aw, so happy to hear it :D Same, I love slow-paced games because I can play with my uncle! Cheers to your mum c:

Looks fun! Any chance you might post a Linux build? I'm willing to pay a few dollars.

Hello =) I'm working on the solo challenge and some more playmodes at the moment so I'll definitely add a linux build to the to-do list

I played your game for my channel with a friend of mine. We had a good time playing it! You did an amazing job on it. Keep up the awesome work! :)

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Hello friend from the far-east =D thanks for the let'splay! I liked your videos, the edits are nice =) are you on twitter?

I am! @PlusSizeHG is my Twitter! Thanks so much for the compliment! It means a lot to me :)


great style, and fun to play! Loved your write up on

Thank you ^^ Cat says cheers!

Its best ! Please make online mltiplayer version :D

That would be so cool! I'll ask around to see if enough people are interested in it =)

I did it, first commenter ever. I did the fracking online mode. For you. And others. Please download it.

Thank you ! :3 I will try it